Why participate in the work exchange program?
The festival could not happen without all our amazing volunteers! You get to be part of the Guitarfish community and part of the Festival on a deeper level which is why so many of our volunteers come back year after year. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends, connections and contacts. And of course, you get a free ticket for your efforts!

Why do we have to put down a deposit?
It’s easy to get carried away at festivals, we totally get that, so consider it a little goodwill that you intend to carry out your obligations. We know that you absolutely intend to show up to all your shifts on time and sober, play by the rules and fulfil your duties to the best of your ability. Do that, and you’ll get your full refund back within 10 business days of the festival and be welcomed back for many Guitarfish Music Festivals to come!

What is the processing fee for? Do I have to pay it?
Yes please. We ask all volunteers to pay the $15 processing fee. This covers our bank fees to process the deposits and refunds plus administration costs. 

When do I receive my deposit back?
You will receive your deposit back within 10 days after the festival provided you successfully complete all your scheduled shifts. 

What is the age requirement?
You need to be 18 by the first day of the festival. if you are working at the Beer Garden or Bar, you need to be 21 by the first day of the festival. We may request ID/proof of age. 

What is the Mandatory Meeting? Do I need to attend?
YES. The Mandatory Meeting is to provide important information to you, our volunteers. If you are onsite and not scheduled for a shift, you are expected to attend the Mandatory Meeting. Plus you get to meet your fellow volunteers then attend the Thursday kick-off party with free beer and dinner ~ why wouldn't you want to be there!  The meeting is held on the Thursday at 5pm in the music bowl.  Failure to attend this meeting may result in a $20 inconvenience fee. 

​How much time do I need to commit?
The basic commitment is 16 hours for a 4-day pass. This includes free tent camping (in the main campground). In exchange for 24 hours of work, you will receive a festival ticket, free tent camping and 6 catered meals (lunch & dinner Fri-Sun). 

Please note: GREEN TEAM & MEDICAL volunteers receive a festival ticket, free tent camping and 6 catered meals in exchange for 16 HOURS of work. 

PREFEST volunteers are required to work 20 hours in exchange for a ticket / 28 hours for meals + ticket. 

IIs camping included?
Your wristband includes walk-in tent camping during the festival in the main campground. If you would like to have your vehicle with you in the campground you will need to purhcase a CAR CAMPING (vehicles < 17') or RV PASS (vehicles > 17').

Can I sign up for more than one shift a day?
You can, but please try to schedule them with a break in between ie. no back-to-back shifts. If you schedule yourself for doubles, we will most likely reschedule you and send you updated shifts. Please do NOT schedule yourself for more than 2 shifts in a day, if you do, you will be rescheduled and sent your updated shifts.

Can I register to work in different areas (green team, gates, beer garden etc.) ?
All work needs to be completed in the same area. 

Can I delete or switch my shifts once I have sign up?
No. With our new system, once you are signed up you may not switch. So choose wisely, and double check it all before you sign up ☺ 

What if I want to work in an area that requires a join code?
If you would like to volunteer in an area that needs a join code, email Shar at: [email protected] with subject: JTMF JOIN CODE to get that code.  Please tell us in 50 words or less why you'll rock the job!

If you would like to work PREFEST please email Cassie: [email protected] 

I’ve signed up for shifts and paid my deposit but can no longer attend or volunteer…
If you are unable to participate in the work exchange, please email Shar directly at: [email protected] immediately. Cancellations made prior to June 1st will not incur a fee, a cancellation fee of $25 takes effect on June 1st, a cancellation fee of $50 takes effect on June 15th, and by cancelling after June 30th you forfeit your entire deposit. The $15 processing fee is separate to your deposit and not refundable. 

Please note: shifts cannot be transferred to a friend as some areas have special requirements. This policy is firm so we can keep it consistent across the board. 

I need to change/cancel a shift during the festival, what do I do?
If you need to cancel or change a shift during the festival, please notify your Area Manager or the Volunteer Coordinator IMMEDIATELY to give us as much time as possible to reschedule you and find a replacement. We will do our best to accomodate you. Failure to show up at your shift or not giving us adequate notice (wherever possible) may result in forfeit of your deposit.   

What Do I Bring To My Shift?
Closed toe shoes are a MUST. If you show up in flip flops, sandles, barefoot or in anything other than closed toe shoes, you will be sent back to camp to change in to more appropriate footwear.  Water and sunscreen are helpful, snacks if you 're the hangry type, and a great attitude and big smile always go a long way :)

What happens if a supervisor suspects you are under the influence?
If any manager has reason to suspect that a team member is under the influence of alcohol or drugs during a shift, the team member will be relieved of their duties, may be relieved of future shifts, and will forfeit their deposit. If a manager finds out after the fact that a team member was under the influence of alcohol or drugs during a shift, the team member will forfeit their deposit and may be relieved of any future shifts.  Show up sober, absolutely no exceptions will be made. 

Where Do I Check In For My Shift?
You will check in at the location /area where you are working in most cases. You will find out where this is and meet your area manager at the Mandatory Meeting on Thursday. If you are not sure where to go, check in at the Production Trailer 15 mins prior to your shift and we'll point you in the right direction.  EXCEPTION is if you are signed up for a shift on Monday or Tuesday. Refer to the FAQ below.

What does it mean if I sign up for a Monday or Tuesday shift?
ALL Monday and Tuesday shifts are festival clean up and breakdown. Regardless of the area you are assigned to, if you sign up for a Monday or Tuesday shift, you will report to the HOSPITALITY BAR at the beginning of your shift to get assigned. Please ensure you SIGN IN and SIGN OUT to ensure you get credit for your hours in order to receive your full refund.

Can I just show up to work days?
NO. Please do not just show up on site, you will be sent home and asked to sign up via our Activation Station sign up site.

When can Prefest volunteers arrive?
You may arrive on the morning/day that you start work.

Can I camp onsite?
Information coming soon....

When can I arrive?
Volunteers may arrive and start setting up their camps starting on the Wednesday from 12pm onwards. We encourage you to come early, get a good spot and get settled :)  If you are scheduled for Prefest, please see information under that section. Click here for directions.

Where will we check in when we get to Guitarfish?
Check in at the one and only Will Call Booth / Box Office at the festival entrance at Cisco Grove Campground. Please keep an eye out for an email from Eventbrite with your barcoded ticket. You will receive this closer to the event - this is the ticket you will need to bring to Will Call, please also bring your photo ID. 

I'm driving, where can I park my car?
You can park in day parking, we have shuttles to transport you and your gear into the campground. Volunteers who wish to camp with their car can purchase a discounted CAR PASS (vehicles under 17') for $50 (normally $75). You will receive a special link to purchase your discounted car pass in your confirmation email (note: this discount is available presale only, passes will be full price at the gate).  If you wish to purchase an RV Pass (vehicles 17' +), you can do that on the tickets page. For more info on camping & RV sites click here.

Any last words of advice?
Abide by some simple rules of thumb and you'll be sure to have a great experience! 
• Be happy - a good attitude goes a long way! 
• Be on time for your shifts 
• Be accountable for your responsibilities 
• Zero tolerance while you are volunteers and representing the Festival 
• Help encourage "Leave No Trace" with your fellow festival-goers

​What if I have a question that wasn't answered here?
Email Shar at: [email protected] for any additional questions. Points will be deducted if the answer was already in the FAQs!